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tv   [untitled]    April 20, 2012 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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clashes between protesters and police in graine finally get the attention of the international community demonstrators days of rage to coincide with a formula one grand prix. while in egypt at square one again filled with the voices of discontent as thousands disillusioned with the outcome of the revolution a protest against the current. french candidates embrace new roast skepticism to win the hearts and minds this just ahead of a presidential poll which could reshape the political landscape. and china turns its growing might towards the arctic as beijing's bid for the vast untapped resources of nations bordering the region.
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news twenty four seven this is with me live in moscow the rule of formula one engines in bahrain this weekend will be mixed with the angry voices of the regime activists there promising quote days of rate each after a year of arab spring protests police of fired tear gas and stun grenades to disperse demonstrators in clashes just ahead of sunday's grand prix but as our. reports sunlight libya and syria this uprising has been well off the radar. it took a car fire ahead of a major sporting event for the world to notice the flames of discord engulfing a small island nation in the persian gulf but green is suffocating in the smoke of
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an ongoing struggle between protesters and police the most recent have been happening in bahrain for more than a year now protesters say this is the longest lasting revolt in the arab spring but so far the only result from them has been an increase in violence on all sides since from the capital be a more than passing similarity to the pictures out of the embattled syrian city of homs but the city's enjoyed a very different level of attention. and the media stayed surprisingly silent considering their stance on other middle eastern revolutions they were all but silent when the bahraini revolution was crushed last year there are all but silent about human rights abuses in bahrain itself and the formula one race is just focused attention on that. and when the media does turn to her they seem to do more harm than good foreign media has been covering that also you always use the
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free market forces against. that they don't understand that this actually helps the governments to see what they're doing their health risk areas such as the opposition says hundreds have been wounded in standoff with police and many sacked from their jobs or arrested for taking part in mass protests but unlike in syria and libya no one has called for foreign intervention. a. problem is put before the international human rights council european and south american countries were enthusiastic about exploring this issue but the us prefer to leave it to the independent commission created here where the government did bring about civil medical bahraini human rights defenders who were in exile when for real one speeds out of town much of the media and the world's attention is likely to follow in bahrain it even goes. we always welcome your participation in the stories we're
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covering heard artsy on the web site r.t. dot com we're right now asking for your opinion or why protests in bahrain are not seen by the mainstream media as part of the arab spring hey here's how the votes are spread right now from r.t. dot com but numbers for this hour so far most think the regime change in bahrain is just not in western interests thirteen percent say it's due to a total lack of media coverage four percent think clashes in the country are considered religiously motivated the tiny minority say it's because the protests are comparatively for the us. or from bahrain to about of egypt now tensions also flaring there up to one hundred thousand demonstrators again in cairo's tahrir square protest the ruling military council and the rally involves supporters from opposite ends of the political spectrum with secular activists rubbing shoulders with islamists old joined in a common cause by james corbett a political analyst with a special interest in the arab uprisings told me just
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a bit earlier that it's the lack of democratic prospects that's driving many people to the streets at the moment it seems to be teetering between either the continuation of the ruling military junta and they're obviously trying to assert their authority with the recent decision to. leave the presidential candidates including leave the muslim brotherhood's preferred candidate from the from the elections were a little rather it of course also quite popular there is a lot of discontent with the way that they've been handling things i think in either event it seems to be a more autocratic outcome which is why there's only a very small sliver i think of opportunity or we no longer to be for the egyptian people to insert themselves into this simply to make sure that it doesn't go in one of those autocrat autocratic directions. and i talked political and mr sun a fallacy says that a lot of egyptians are disappointed with the military rulers who came to power after my parents regime fell last february but he also says that many are angry
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with the muslim brotherhood dominating both houses of parliament after recent elections but people fed up actually was was the brotherhood because the during the election parliamentary elections a promise people to do a look at once but now as he found the are acting as of the son for the national democratic party during mubarak era as you look to the need to proceed. i would like to limit is the influence of other political forces see woodlake actually to inherent the same will fully clearly in the structure of made during mubarak era as he would like to present themselves as a lot of women the majority in egyptian society using this impact it's using the sinister that is is used by mubarak that there is a power struggle between the military rule and the muslim brotherhood who live to tell you to square vote unless they're backed out of usually a power cut their emissions should was other secular and political forces and now
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they are claiming that evolutionary agenda and they're coming back to the river square to gamble clearly of curve their presence in history it has been obviously shaken. it's good to have your company today this is our t. live from moscow we're still ahead for you in the program but of a frozen voyage. these train tracks are one of the few successful parts of a project to try to bring transport to the russian far north but further down the line the project cost thousands of lives we explore the grim of parts of the past in one of the farthest reaches of russia that's coming your way shortly in another edition of our close ups or. rounding off the week on a high we expect strong company results push into the black hole of the difference gold business news in ten minutes. france heads to the polls on sunday and investors are counting on the results desperate to know how the outcome will
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affect the debt ridden new from challenging his budget discipline to leading the e.u. altogether criticizing the union has been a trump card for all the care that it's but with its reporters are these tests are are silly. it hasn't been the perfect marriage but they agreed where it mattered most of the time. a tandem scene is key in a huge decision making. that france's relationships with berlin and brussels have hit a rough patch the french election if you look at the campaign in france i think because on the right side there's mrs lippett which is the plan was to reintroduce her for the french franc the french currency whereas most of all and wants to renegotiate the the the treaty on the fiscal compact incumbent nicolas sarkozy is no exception pledging to freeze france's e.u. funding and bringing back border controls over in the left corner. around the rejects europe's budget belt tightening pact people or an easy with the fact that
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they or contributing to the failed policies in other parts of the then people don't really understand why is it that there's more and more legislation coming from the european level in member states have to adjust it for the mostly pro europe french public it's about jobs and social security just as brussels and berlin want tough cutbacks. and that doesn't rest easy with voters who gave a resounding no to giving the machine even more power of seven years ago even though it's been a perfect tool to offload questionable policies. but also. criticizing europe can be a convenient scapegoat because it appeals to people who do not like the functioning of europe and it can divert responsibility there's something goes wrong it's not the fault of the government or nicolas sarkozy of europe it's easy to lay into this place where e.u. plans are half a billion spent
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a final before that's really gotten out of the state of french voters as part of another what's more these promises of all good heard before regardless of who gets . what everything really changed between paris and brussels. the big question is now europe for what europe for whom it's a cure for the bank earth europe for trade europe for. business oh he's it a europe of cities or a europe of social rights and the rest of the continents watching too knowing that whoever its next partner is a honeymoon phase is out of the question tess are still here r t brussels. and there with a use future of the uncertainty the i.m.f. chief has now set a goal to protect the world from europe christine legarde wants to erect a four hundred billion dollar financial wall around the block the plan however is short by roughly eighteen billion dollars with hopes that the fast growing
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countries rick's group will be able to plug the hole will russia china india and south africa are ready to lend a helping hand but only for a bigger say over the international bank meeting today in washington ministers from the group of twenty in just realise nations will focus on that funding but investment advisor patrick young doesn't have much faith a move for help to save the eurozone in any way and. this is absolutely a cataclysm for the euro zone there is no way no matter how large the sea of cards are no matter high big blue suit is that the i.m.f. is currently assembling nobody can afford took a print talian government debt it is simply impossible we are pushing nations on the mediterranean fringe all of europe into if we expect that they're going to stay in the euro zone it's a tragic dynamic for government the option is quite clear and they need to say we
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cannot pay our debts we cannot survive in the euro zone and they need to leave on the kids of greece they need to establish a new truck much because otherwise the euro is not going to continue and frankly western europe is going to just become completely and utterly eichman in the new dynamics of the global economy. this is argentine out of china's geo political ambitions are seeing it enter the fight for the vast energy resources of the arctic on a visit to europe the country's prime minister is expected to look for backing from nordic states for beijing's bid to gain a foothold in the i.c. region as a first step the world's biggest energy consumer is seeking permanent observer status on the arctic council currently consists of eight countries with stakes in the arctic now the shrinking of the polar ice cap which makes the region's vast mineral resources more accessible have certainly stirred up recent territorial disputes alyssa discussed china's quest for arctic which is with ourselves i'll
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tell the professor of economics and finance of the university of iceland joining us live now from reykjavik thank you it's so good of you to join us a pleasure to have you on our iceland is the first country china's prime minister is courting well what do you expect from the visit. of course you do as you student in your introduction it's versus the growing importance of the arctic and the topics which is expected it's. going to be discussed of course the. researchers the arctic council but also the renewal of the free trade negotiations between iceland and china and china chose iceland to be the first european country to retreat. and also the. what is. going to be talk to see creased
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scientific and academic cooperation and especially in regards to energy but also own regards to. exploring. space and. the northern lights so scientific and academic academic cooperation between the two here but some might say well surely there's some carrot stick. there's some some money involved in china's certainly got the economic power to entice would you say sure that one of the smallest nations of the world negotiating with one of the largest nations in the world. i think it goes a little further than that. it shows the changing geopolitics geo political. powers and iceland is a very comedian place for china. to start and iceland the general sentiment in iceland is it expects to be able. to go to china and so iceland and china are
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are is a very good place to start which so iceland and china there's certainly some some possibly good prospects there in the future but let's address this issue to even get observer status on the arctic council china needs agreement from all of the member states how likely is that to happen given rather strained relations in the recent past between the asian giant and norway. norway has publicly said it's willing to continue discussions on the or sort of state status but i would suspect that the nordics iceland to denmark sweden finland and norway were because tenders in new york's new york service status of ship are trying now i would suspect the cabin russia would be much more difficult to get by you know he did mention a moment ago that iceland is a convenient first step and in relationships on this arctic i slid it's convenient for china what why why and why is
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a convenience how nice i think you guys are good the chinese relations are have been extremely friendly and. we don't have any problems so for friction between the two countries to wear a suit for example in russia which has that sport or with china. here in canada. might also have some. creature issues with china so so starting early to tour in iceland this is very convenient so i'm to iceland got a fairly neutral relationship with china compared to some of the other big players but some chinese think tankers say that geographical proximity has nothing to do with their right to explore the arctic saying it's a public area just like the moon what do you make of that well if they get if they're. not service to do so means that they won't just litter the means that they would have to. acknowledge the loss of the regulations and the whole of the arctic
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council which. for example states that you need to agree more on the law of the sea the arctic sea for example so so if they get an observer status. then they will never acknowledge the prior rights that are. held i wish we had more time for this we don't have professor of economics at the university of iceland thank you very much indeed for coming on r.t. today thank you. but right now it's. all of our stories are there in case you missed anything at all plenty more for you to explore the same time for example landing a plane over texting on you'll move pile of parents lee and australian pilot philip unlocked said it was far more urgent to find out if his destruction and if you could suffer that's a dodgy thought call. plus a look at town by any other name this austrian villagers tired of its unfortunate title. so it's ok to change it to something a little less obscene and not to mention simply the amount of road signs being
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stolen by overenthusiastic travelers of those details online about so you don't become. something law ease beneath. thousands of metres of christ's control. the labyrinth that is a louver for many. but dangerous even to those who keep it at a distance. twenty
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minutes past the hour here in moscow and sudan kicks off the artsy walls of a for this hour sudanese forces claims of recaptured heglig oilfield on its border with south sudan this according to the defense minister it all comes shortly after south sudan announced it was pulling out of the town u.n. secretary general ban ki moon recently criticized south sudan for seizing the town in a military raid he called it a clearly illegal act and urged both sides to cease hostilities the escalating tension between both sides over the last week had led to fears of an. north korea has pledged to wipe out south korean president lee myung bak thousands
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packed kim il sung's square for a huge parade one day after the north demanded its neighbors of pollen gys for alleged insults during a recent round of her three celebrations across the world tensions have been high since lead took office in two thousand and eight and cancelled aid to the. authorities have decided to keep materials relating to the trial of norwegian mass murderer anders breivik private first sixty years that's until two thousand and seventy two the judges believe the documents and video hearings could be harmful to the public has admitted killing seventy seven people in a gun attack last year later today on crosstalk. looking at the rhetoric surrounding killing spree. we take on those extremists so yes we accept them good google says you see minority of all i'm saying is that there is a minority if you want to say jews a minority there's a minority of people who exist within the muslim community who are extremists who
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don't believe in the democratic values we do believe in previous full coexistence and tolerance but we must not do is tanisha hold feet system all the communities based on your actions over a small number of minority extremists that exist in all of you i'm really what is it rachel here is like. i'm fairchild arriba the rachel go ahead and is not exactly what we're trying to do with breivik right now is to paint all the right wing people who have moderate points of view about immigration and and cultural integration with the same brush saying that this kind of rhetoric is responsible for his actions. in just a moment daniel joins us with reality business update but for now it's time to head off to one of russia's remotest corners in the arctic.
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led. efforts have continued for decades to introduce an efficient transport system in the harsh conditions and unforgiving cold. trouble to areas where those attempts are left behind the shadow of death and destruction. making tracks through the tundra part of this region's name a mile means in the local language the end of the earth. in central parts of russia if you want to go somewhere you just get in a car and go but here it's impossible you have to wait for the river and for all to take a plane supports for bridges have to be driven dozens of meters deep and the roads foundations packed down repeatedly to stop it collapsing back into the tundra this giant project is an attempt to bring the trams war to the lands at the end of the earth but it's not the first time and previous attempts of left a shadow over the whole region started in one nine hundred forty nine tens of
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thousands of prisoners toiled in summer heat an arctic cold on stalin's dream of a trans polar railway line conditions were brutal and thousands were worked and starved to death or shot by their captors that. they keep people away for refusing to work or something even a couple of words about stalin they gave us our prisoners and sent us here to watch over them building this well wait had we refused he would have shot us as well in one hundred fifty three the project was abandoned built without any proper heavy equipment the unfinished track and embankments quickly subsided back into the tundra all that's left now are a few bridges rotting barrack buildings and the long shadow of this corner of the gulag and this bridge is part of stalin's infamous road of death but since this project and so many others have failed to put permanent roads here in the russian
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arctic some of the own people to see the sad historical monuments are teams of drivers if gary and his companions try to penetrate some of the furthest reaches of this vast tundra landscape they've seen abandoned villages paula mountain peaks and even a. never been reached by wheeled vehicles before and they're getting once you arrive in this area you begin to see the world in a very different way these places are. enormous gas and oil reserves discovered in the far north commitment has been made to put money and resources towards road and rail building this time but there's a lot of work ahead for russia's arctic yields any of its vast isolation martin marty. stay with us straight after the r.t. business they're standing by for us right now with your eyes on the numbers i understand that wall street has opened and has a recovery from yesterday yes it has more record corporate results are pushing
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a top democratic party donor general electric profit for course junk food giant mcdonald's credits normed u.s. sales for its bigger bottom line cost of insuring fraud that has just gone higher than russia's amazing story this trader see paris as a risky a bit because presidential front runner francois alone seen as anti business finance minister and consider one of his pledge to cut borings push to my six back over fifteen hundred but it's been a testing week here in moscow rising oil prices mean russia can borrow less is rising because they are finally signed the u.s. economy is recovering crude just gone over one zero for. boy by signs this privatization may go ahead this year as planned called. a four hundred million dollar bond at seven point seven five percent says one report after yesterday's five percent slump. on friday the government's doing it for all fools in siberia
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the markets in russia have seen low trading volumes in recent weeks but renaissance mother just says it will change as we move into the spring. if come out of the holiday season to some extent we've had some bad data we've had so encouragingly in the last ten days quite a good indication from the first round of first quarter earnings so i'm quite hopeful that post some of the spanish auction proving to be well french action as well we will see a rebound the market feels like it wants to go out and investors are still largely or have a large cash holdings so the need for investment keeps pressing on now i believe that coupled with a good earnings season coupled with a while not very good data from china easing off that will probably bring us short as well as new g.m. term a lot more activity again in the equity markets. which is number two mobile operators
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go for the good list up to a quarter of its. early as july according to media reports the company plans to raise up to four billion dollars that would make it the biggest listing all the stock exchange in london in the year and the single currency for at least some of this week's losses on all the eurozone in particular has been really boring course they have gone down early in the week and europe today more on that french boric or story next now and i don't know looking forward to see you there. in just a moment here on r t it'll be a recap of the headlines and then a rather oriental edition of not to go out of course with the one and only.
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something law is beneath. thousands of natures of ice broke. the law. that is a lure for many. but dangerous even to those who keep it's such a distance.
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